Does my listing appear automatically?

No – posts need to be approved by administrators, they will not appear automatically on the Moov Map. Please allow 24-28 hours for your post to be approved.

How do I report an incorrect or inappropriate listing?

What if somebody else claimed my organization?

What happens when someone else claimed my organization and now I cannot claim the organization?

  1. If you do know who claimed your organization — email moovmadison@gmail.com and CC the current owner to approve a transfer of ownership to your account.
  2. If you do not know who claimed your organization — email moovmadison@gmail.com using your organization’s domain name.

Note: Only one person can claim each organization listing in Moov at this time. Check with your team for listing ownership before contacting Moov.

How can I remove or correct a listing?

If a listing need to be updated, please message the listing’s main contact to request an update to the information via the Organization’s page or website.

If a listing has wrong information and needs to be removed, email moovmadison@gmail.com with the listing URL and proof that the information is wrong.

Note: Moov cannot ensure that all posts will be reviewed immediately, but if you include “URGENT” in your email title, we will prioritize reviewing and removing the listing. 

Is my information safe with Moov?

Moov uses security technologies, procedures and organizational measures to help safeguard consumer information against loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. We employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption when data is transmitted over the internet to our website.

Strong password protection protocols are used on our computers, and employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy policies. The servers used to store consumer information are maintained in a secure environment with appropriate security measures.

Read more about how to keep your personal information secure here.

How can I feature my listing on the Homepage?

Feature a current listing on the Moov Homepage by;

  1. Click My Listings
  2. Choose a Listing and click “Make Featured” and complete billing information
  3. Check the homepage after a few hours to ensure your listing displays properly

Email questions or issues to moovmadison@gmail.com with proof of payment and your featured listing start date.

How do I search the Moov Map?

You can search the map three different ways;

  1. Filter using Skills and/or Interests and apply
  2. Type keywords into the search bar (results match with listing title and description)
  3. Browse by clicking and dragging the map in your preferred direction

Can I post listings on behalf of an Organization?

If you want to officially post a listing on behalf of an Organization, you must be the Organization Owner in Moov.

You can unofficially post any listing you’d like, but please ensure you have all of the correct information about the opportunity before posting.

Note: Moov does moderate unofficial listings and may update or remove any post that doesn’t have appropriate information.

What if I don’t have an address for my listing?

No worries! If you don’t have a listing address, pick an approximate location on the map.

See our Feature Requests to suggest or vote on ways to account for location without a map.

What’s an Inside Map View?

Inside Map View is a feature Google Maps offers. If the location you provide has a View associated with it, you can see inside the location.

If you’d like to set up an Indoor Street View, you can follow these instructions on Google Forums.

Do I need to create an account to add a listing?

You need to register with your email with Moov to add a listing. We do not support anonymous listings.

Do I need to remove my listing after it ends?

What kind of events can I share on Moov?

You can share anything; festivals, conferences, benefit concerts — these and more would be great examples of how to engage a larger audience.

Is my event OK to post on Moov?

Generally, we encourage altruistic events to be listed on Moov — events that provide education, engagement, or community development. So use your best judgment, but follow our terms and don’t be a jerk!

If you’re still not sure, email moovmadison@gmail.com and we’ll consult with you about how to post your listing.

Do I have to be a nonprofit to add a listing?

Does my listing have to be in Madison?

How can I use moov to find opportunities?

In addition to being able to browse the map, you can search by multiple interests or skills, combinations of both. You can also enter keywords into filter on the map to find specific organizations and events.

How can I get my listing on the homepage?

Our staff will be hand selecting opportunities to feature on the homepage during early access and will likely be adding this as our first paid feature once we have a user base.

How can I add my non profit?

First check to see if your nonprofit is already in our database by searching our database using the keyword field on the map.

If you’re not already in our system, click ‘Create New Listing’ on the top right in the dark grey bar, then select ‘Nonprofit’ to add your organization. It will take us 3-7 business days to manually activate your account, at which point you’ll be able to add your volunteer opportunties.

How much does it cost to post volunteer opportunities?

We’re currently operating off a modest grant from the Evjue Foundation and will be exploring ways to fund the platform in the near future.

How can I get involved with moov?

As a volunteer run organization, we’re always looking for help. Hit us up via our contact form to connect.

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